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Issue 1 - 50+ SOL Projects

For more information on the Tier breakdown of projects, check out:

Once a project hits 50 SOL it can start to be considered an established project. At this point, it’s built a strong community, particularly if there’s a decent amount of time spent in the market (over 3-6 months). The real question at this point is: does the project have the future utility and building to take it to 100? It’s easy to call any project at this point and say 100 SOL is programmed, but we’ve seen many cases where this simply is not the case. If we take a look at the projects which have successfully done so, we can comfortably say degods, okay bears, catalina whales, blocksmith labs and taiyo robotics as the 5 true projects that have pushed beyond 100 and held strongly. The other projects I should also include are GenesysGo and SMB who would also slot into this region due to its first mover advantage and early solidification as top projects on solana. However, if you compare the five projects I’ve mentioned before SMB, you’ll find a stark contrast in recent sentiment. I’d go further to loop other projects such as thugbirdz as a failed experiment to date which had seen a significant rise past 50 and just completely shit the bed since then and now languishing at 17 SOL, basically on life support.

The projects which are in a strong position to hit 100 and beyond in this region are as follows:

Cets on Creck

The most recently hyped project since mint until Okay Bears hit. Their community and discord management has been A1. Despite not hearing from them too much in the last month or so, I’m relatively confident this will eventually return back to 100 SOL (already hit once but struggled to hold/bounced off the top). I think Peblo is building something, there’s murmurs of the artist collaboration from the rick and morty show, there’s enlightenment as well as something to do with the melk bottles. I believe there’s enough of a concoction there combined with their raving community that can push them back towards 100.

Degenerate Ape Academy

I think this project is a ticking time bomb on its way back to 100. Monoliff is a strong, respected builder in the space and I believe there’s going to be a point where they return back to 100 SOL (last hit 31/03/2022). The project tends to get sold off once it hits that triple figure mark, one of the factors being its 10k supply project, so they need a monumental announcement and upgrade for it to return. Though, I do not like fading strong builders and I trust in a guy like Monoliff. This feels like a sleeper at current price level.

Catalina Whales

One of the best runs in terms of buys this year for a project that launched in 2021. They were one of the first projects in the space to focus on branding, maybe even prior to okay bears if you really noticed. In terms of price action, they’ve held 100 strongly like only a few projects have considering their run up, and on every downturn in sol price, they have only held and pushed up. Incredibly bullish. Their marketing team has done a fantastic job in pushing the brand forward and it’s rewarding to see them start to solidify themselves as one of the top-tier solana projects. You can’t say the signs weren’t there. Another reason why you gotta get your eyes across the bubblegoose ballers which are coming soon.

Blocksmith Labs

What a fucking run, ay? It feels like only yesterday when I posted about these on twitter at 8 SOL a piece. Even then, I wouldn’t have predicted a run like they’re currently on. In the meantime, they’ve built out a whitelisting platform that is quickly eating up marketshare in that space. Sure, imitators will follow suit, but you can’t fade first movers advantage as well as a cracked dev team. Feels like blocksmith labs are going to be around for a long time.


The blueprint now on Solana and the one true bluechip in my mind. Not just in floor price, but in innovation, utility behind token, they basically created the raffling system you seen every project use now for their token. Merch coming soon for their summer/spring collection as well as buying the entire rights to the BIG3 basketball team. Everything they do and touch turns into gold and I haven’t even mentioned their deadgods artwork. Unfadeable team and utility, and a big reason why solana nfts are where they are now. Thanks to Frank and his team. If you want to gauge the health of the space, you need not look further than the floor price of a degod. Simple as that. Degods are at the heart of our ecosystem.

Okay Bears

The launch that broke the space—but broke it for the better. I can say that the launch of Okay Bears and the success it’s seen already, the volume records it broke caused every leader and team to reconsider their strategy around branding. Not only that, the artwork itself is simple yet so effective. We knew it was going to be a successful launch, but at this pace and energy was something no one could have predicted. Personally, Okay Bears is going to be one of the biggest projects in our space, it’s already acted as cross-chain bridge moving notable ETH NFT players across to the Solana ecosystem. Given the supply and the speed of their run upwards, this project is definitely swing tradeable as shown by the graph below. Right now, it’s at 100-110 SOL off the local top, so go figure.

Taiyo Robotics

Taiyo Robotics has already solidified in that you’ll never see this project dip under 100 SOL again. They’ve built out a launchpad that’s unbottable and in my opinion will be one of the best launchpads going forward. It is surely the most ethical launchpads for both projects and communities to access, just a matter of time before it really starts to kick off. They’ve just dropped an announcement around the Taiyo Incubator Model and Pilot leak attached below. Did I mention Solport Tom? These guys are here to stay and again incredibly important to the health of our Solana NFT space.

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