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Our Alpha DAO heavily differentiates us from any other Alpha in the NFT space . All of our team has a proven track record, not only in finding the best whitelist opportunities out there, but also personally in the NFT space. Holding a Cybervillainz will get you access to our alpha, where you will find some of the best first come, first serve whitelist spots and whitelist raffles. You will also have access to our alpha teams big plays on secondary, good upcoming mints, and short term-long term hold opportunities. What this does, if you are new to the NFT space especially, is helps you be able to see what our alpha team members are doing to find success in the space. Because they have this paramount success, their channels can act as a mentor to help guide which projects you should be looking into and looking out for. You can also find projects to avoid when rugs and red flags are posted in our alpha hunter's channels.

As far as whitelist, you can find some of the best whitelist spots in our DAO without having to go grind for days on end in separate discords. Most of our whitelist opportunities are requested by the community, looked over by our alpha team to make sure it is safe and secure, and contacted to gain whitelist spots for our community. Some of the whitelist spots we've landed are:

  • Blocksmith Labs

  • Cets on crack

  • The Orcs

  • Dead Rejects

  • Stoned Frogs

  • Akari

  • Fellow Apes

  • Degen Dojo

  • Zenjin Viperz

  • Trippy World 

  • Droid Capital       



Our Alpha also includes wallet trackers of 19 different influencers, so you can track what your favorite influencer is buying and selling. Our wallet trackers include influencers including:   


  • 0x_fxnction

  • Cozy

  • Chartfu

  • DegenSwings

  • General Sol

  • Gloom

  • HGE

  • Howl

  • Iced

  • Jagoe

  • Jpeggler

  • Knox

  • Skellymode

  • Solhub

  • SolPlayboy

  • SolSniper

  • Solstice

  • Sp00n1cus

  • SolBigBrain​                                                          

Come join our alpha DAO and up your NFT game!!

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