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Phase 2

  • Partner with Xin Dragons for a new, non-custodial staking platform, and Project Dolphin as a utility to our holders.                                          

  • Revamp Website and Whitepaper.

  • Partner with Time Pixies to create lore-based quests and gamifies staking for Cybervillainz and Cyberheroes.

  • Expand our Alpha up to 12 paid  top notch alpha callers!

  • Introduce wallet trackers for big influencers in SOL.

  • Create a raffle and an auction site for NFTs and legendarys.

  • Create art and start writing our first comic!!

  • Create promo video focusing on our Aplha DAO, and a trailer with voice over actor to align with our lore.

Phase 1

  • Successful Derug and assemble a new team for Broccoli DAO.

  • Merge with SolBlitz and inject 300 sol into the project wallet to build utility.

  • Build an alpha team to find the best whitelist opportunities, and make call on big plays and good upcoming mints.

  • Hire Lore Master to create a new backstory and implement factions into our project.

  • Continue Gen 1 Staking leading up to the Cyberheroes mint.

  • Create a rewards system and other engagement utility to give to our holders.

  • Create a community voting poll, where our members choose where they want to take the project!


Phase 3

  • Create and sell merch, and work towards getting a storefront!

  • Implement discord trading tools and a sniper bot!

  • Cyberheroes mint

  • Our community will decide where we are going to head in the future. We will constantly be implementing new utility including trading tools. We will start to build a brand around The Broccoli Dao.

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