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Traditional Staking

Our Traditional Staking is pretty simple, stake your Cybervillainz to earn 10 $BROC per day, which has changed from 7 per day as we have partnered with Xin Dragons for a new, non-custodial staking platform. We will use this token to mint Cyberheroes. You will need 500 $BROC and two Cybervillainz to mint Cyerheroes. While we are awaiting our Cyberheroes mint, we will build new unique utilities for our token. You can use Broccoli to subscribe to Project Dolphin where you can track NFT prices, token prices, and have access to a mint calendar. We created a raffle site where you can use Broccoli to buy tickets for the raffle to some awesome NFTs, as well as an auction site for NFTs and the legendaries from our collection.  Holding a Cybervillainz will give you access to our Pro-Alpha, where you can find whitelist opportunities, upcoming mints, and big plays on already released NFT projects. Our Alpha is what gives our project such a good name, and we will continue to grow it as we move forward. Cyberheroes will earn 6 $BROC per day, and 1 Cyberheroes + 1 Cybervillainz will earn you 12 $BROC per day.




Gamified Staking

We offer gamified staking to stack on top of our traditional staking to earn extra broccoli. You can use both staking platforms at once because of our non-custodial staking. Coming in with a unique staking option through Time Pixies questing platform. Both Cybervillainz and Cyberheroes will have their own sets of factions. This staking option will use lore-based questing within the factions to help you earn points and claim Broccoli airdrops for both Cybervillainz and Cyberheroes. The faction that places 1st will earn 50%, 2nd place will get 30%, and 3rd place will earn 20% of the broccoli reward. We will have a community vote in the future on whether or not we will continue to use our Gen 1 $BROC token, transform it into Gen 1.1 token, or move to a SOL based rewards system completely. These decisions will be based on majority votes by the community, keeping everything transparent is what builds a great community. The factions will differ between our Cybervillainz, which will be strictly lore based factions, and Cyberheroes, which will have factions based on attributes. Our community will vote on how many factions will be created, as well as how many attributes the Cyberheroes will have. As of now we have three factions for our Cybervillainz, (Funknesis, Gwoblin, and Nuwalien) which consists of two races in each faction.

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