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-What is Broccoli DAO?
We are a DAO community that mainly focuses on giving our holders the opportunity to influence how our project grows! We are working hard every day with our team and community to create unique and original utilities and the best NFT experience you can possibly imagine. 

-Where can I buy a CyberVillainz?

Secondary market is the only way to buy a Cybervillainz as of right now, however we do giveaway virtual cash where you can help grow the project and earn from it. 2,500 virtual cash will get you a Cybervillainz in our discord shop. You can earn cash by doing things from being helpful on discord, to participating in votes and suggestions, and sharing our posts on twitter. We are listed on MagicEden,  and make sure to keep on the lookout throughout our twitter and discord for giveaways!


-Should I buy the higher rarity CyberVillainz?

As of right now, rarity does not play a part in our community, we want all of our holders to buy the one that they like! All CyberVillainz produce the same amount of $BROC!

-What can I do with my CyberVillainz?

The new team is always building new utility, and focusing on giving back to the community, so HOLD and keep on the lookout for new announcements daily through twitter and discord! Make sure to Verify with                       

-How to stake?

You can stake your CyberVillainz at                                                                        . Each Cybervillainz will earn 10 $BROC per day, and each Cyberheroes will earn you 6 $BROC per day. You can also join our gamified staking at                                                            Here, you can send you Cybervillainz, and Cyberheroes on quests to earn extra broccoli through an airdrop to the people who helped earn their faction's points. The better your faction places, the bigger cut you get!

-How much is $BROC worth?

1 $BROC=1 $BROC. We are building a utility token that's going to provide much more value than any liquidity pool. We offer auctions, raffles, access to Project Dolphin's tool, and much more! 

-When is Cyberheroes dropping?

We are hoping to mint Cyberheroes June 7th-8th, 2022, however this may be subject to change. We will do the first phase of our mint for holders of 2 or more Cybervillainz that will be able to mint with 500 $BROC, the second phase of our mint will be strictly for our Cybervillainz holders and will be 1 SOL. Our OG mint will be the third phase and will be a mint price of $100 USDC in Solana. Lastly, we will have our normal whitelist mint and public phase at a mint price of $125 USDC in SOL.

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