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Issue 2: Too Early to Tell

We all know that the Solana NFT space changes in the blink of an eye. It can feel very hard to keep up, and like you are in constant chase of a moving target. While this is true, there are also constants, cycles, and patterns to pay attention to. One of these constants is in the form of a strategy: it pays to be early. Whether that means easier whitelist, OG perks, or something completely different, being early is also a great way to apply what you have learned from observing the outcomes from other projects and applying that to what is upcoming. Below are three projects that are in very early stages and are worth checking out. The risk with early projects is that they could go nowhere, but it is still a learning opportunity to understand what aspect of the project caused its eventual success or failure.


Narentines stunning and unique art is eye-catching, and their materials presented thus far are professional. Their website teases a gamified, pirate-themed experience, and it seems as though through staking, holders earn $GOODS which they can use to “go on raids” and other vague uses. In the litepaper, they tease that the game is play to (l)earn and that the project will take advantage of Solana’s proof of history. Other game projects have found success, such as Remnants, but because of the poor track record of gaming projects, it is hard to keep a community’s interest. It is even harder to adequately incentivize the community to play the game when that time could be spent scouting out new projects or making other trades.

However, the bear market could be a good time for the project to release, as there is less hype in the ecosystem and people often find themselves with more time. Additionally, it may be attractive for investors to earn in a P2E game instead of taking a gamble that their scouting of new projects will be more profitable, since it is more predictable than the current markets. The project is allocating whitelist spots through invites and grinding, which in the past has not been the best way to formulate a sustainable community.


Crowdsurf claims to be a Web3 startup masquerading as an NFT project. Their simple, clean, bubbly art is unique to most things seen in the space. The main items the project intends to build are a Pledge Portal and Reporting Hub. The team is focused on building a genuine community of people who have actual interest in the project, and so far that has been accomplished through Twitter interaction and offering value in the Discord through project write-ups.

The Pledge Portal allows investors to make a non-binding commitment to hold an NFT, and this product will be released pre-mint. Though it is unclear how the pledge portal will be used, I imagine it could be utilized by projects to reward holders who follow through on their pledges, and also by investors as a tool to see which projects have communities that are loyal and plan to hold. The Reporting Hub’s use is also unclear, but the website explains it as a way for creators to share seed statements with investor information, which would be the equivalent of financial statements. This project definitely fits into the current builder meta, but who knows if that will still be the focus when the project is getting closer to mint.


This project often leads its descriptions with its model, “Sleep2Earn,” because it is so unique and invites a second look. It at first seems laughable, but a closer look at the plans show that it has legitimate potential. Additionally, if successful, it could be a great way for new users to onboard into the Web3 space, which benefits the entire ecosystem. The project intends for its future app to improve sleep amount, quality, and reduce screen time of its users.

The sections of the future app are Educate, Unwind, Reflect, Dream, and Shop, and users can earn “Zzzs” to unlock exclusive items and features in the app. Users will also earn weekly Zzzs based on their screen time report. Zzzs can also be directly purchased, and can be used to purchase sleep-related merchandise like sleepwear, bedding, audio tracks, and more. Currently, the only way to get whitelisted is to win a giveaway, but in these early days, it is a great time to keep an eye on the project and watch it as it grows.




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