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Issue 1 - Too Early To Tell: For Your Consideration

In the past few weeks, the Solana space has seen a large migration from Ethereum over to Solana. More of the broader NFT community has eyes on Solana, and that has not only raised the standards for projects but also increased the pace in which projects are discovered and hyped. Therefore, it is more important than ever to find promising projects early on in their journeys.

When looking for early projects, Twitter is a great place to start. By liking and engaging with content that you want to see, for example “any interaction will be considered” tweets, and following people that are also hunting for early projects, like influencers, the algorithm will suggest more relevant tweets. For these purposes, it also helps to be in a DAO where information about early projects is freely shared, and this section of the newsletter is a great example of that.

It is hard to tell if a project in its early stages will amount to anything, but there are some qualities that one can look for to make it more likely. These qualities include an organized Twitter/Discord, engaged team, and analyzing the marketing strategy. In a bear market, it is smart to focus on projects that have a chance to live on sustainably, instead of get flipped the first day and go straight downhill from there. One way to spot a future sustainable project is by looking for projects that are focusing on organic growth and building rather than putting all of their effort into building hype.


CLAYNOSAURZ (10.5k Twitter, no Discord)

Claynosaurz is taking a slow and steady approach to their buildup, which contrasts many hype-chasing projects that look to build hype and mint as fast as possible. The Twitter was created in December, and since that time, the tweets have detailed the process of creating the unique animated art. Though the project does not have a discord yet, they are very responsive to tweets and DMs on Twitter, which is a sign of an attentive team. From my own personal interactions, I have learned that not only will the art advertised be involved in the project, but a PFP version will be involved as well. The art tweeted is in the form of extremely well-animated looped GIFs, which is something that not many projects in the space have done before.

The marketing for this project is geared toward genuine and organic growth, which is a must for projects looking to form a sustainable basis and persist throughout the ups and downs of the space. Interestingly, it is unannounced whether the project will launch on ETH or SOL, but given the popularity of SOL recently for NFTs and the Twitter account’s interaction with primarily SOL influencers, it is likely to be Solana. Recently, the project announced its relationship to both Farokh and Solana Legend, two very prominent minds in the NFT space.

In terms of the future of this project, it might be wise to keep up with the Twitter and engage with the tweets to get noticed early on. This takes little effort, and if the project ends up being successful, it will be more than worth the time.


POPHEADZ (4.3k followers on Twitter, discord open)

This project has started in the 1/1 space, and auctions have ended 150+ SOL, which speaks to the attention it has already commanded in the space. They are releasing a collection of 10k NFTs, and the ultimate goal is brand formation. The FAQ admit that “brand creation” is a bit of an overused term, but it promises a more specific roadmap with short and long-term goals detailed as the website is developed.

So far, the Discord has been closed over the weekend, and a "touch-grass" channel houses pictures of members enjoying the outdoors, and whitelist spots are granted randomly to those that share. This relaxed approach to whitelisting rewards early supporters while distancing the project from the typical grinding meta, which is draining and unproductive for community formation. So far, the team has fostered a supportive and relaxed community, and they are not focused on hype, leading to more organic growth. The development and release of the website and roadmap will offer a bit more insight for what’s to come and if the project has legitimate branding potential, but for now, it doesn’t hurt to get in the Discord and touch grass on the weekends for a chance to be part of the community.


CLYDE (14.4k on Twitter, discord open)

Clyde has a unique art style that catches attention. It is raw, artsy, and relies on human forms, which is something the NFT space seems to be pivoting towards. When one enters the Discord, one’s name is automatically changed to Clyde, which provides a sense of cohesiveness and playfulness in the community. Additionally, there is a channel where a smart bot can converse with community members, and even tell jokes.

Clyde has a vague roadmap available in their Discord, which garners a sense that the team is working towards those future plans as the community grows and develops. The map shows staking, merch, raffles, auctions, raffles, “clydedrops,” and “Bonnie.” Recently, it was announced that the project will be based on Bonnie and Clyde, and states that “We are all Clyde.” Though this roadmap is nothing out of the ordinary, if the team can build a strong community and deliver upon their plans, the uniqueness of the art could make this project stand out from the rest of upcoming projects. For now, it is a good idea to get in the Discord, feel around in the community, and see if it is a good fit.


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