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… Heroez rise again but can they resist becoming the very Villainz they battle?


A thousand years ago, Scammerz, Hackerz, and Thievez terrorized the planet of Savage Soland, and the citizens cried out for Heroez to bring peace to the land. Answering their call, the Heroez discovered the secret power of Broccoli to enhance their innate powers and they rose to defeat the evil Hordez, driving them deep into hiding…


But, the very thing that  brought  their victory, their precious Broccoli, became also their undoing. What the Heroez didn’t realize is that while the Broccoli enhanced their powers of strength, intelligence, and charisma, allowing them to win against the evil  Hordez, it also slowly corrupted their minds and hearts. Soon, they became as corrupt and villainous as the ones they had defeated. 


And the Cybervillainz were born.


The citizens of Savage Soland once again cried out for new Heroez to arise…


And their cries have been answered. A group of ordinary citizens discovered new secrets of Broccoli. Instead of consuming it to maximize their innate powers, they used it as fuel for their robotic armor and weapons. Thus, they were not subject to its corrupting influence. With these new and powerful weapons, they stand a chance against the superpowers of their foes, the Villainz…


But can they resist the power of Broccoli? Can they avoid the fate of the Heroez before them, or will they be tempted by the power and become the very Villainz they fight?


Let the Battlez between the Villainz and Heroez begin!

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