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Issue 5 - InfluencooOOrrr = AmbassadoooOOOrrr

Does anybody else remember the days in Web2 when everybody wanted to become an influencer? No, not like @shillin_villain, (people might want to be doing that now though), I'm talking about 100k followers on Instagram, with brand sponsorship deals of clothes, shoes, Jewelry and more… and they pay you like $1,000 per post to share with your followers.

That’s the influencooooOOOr I am referencing.

Celebrities, actors and athletes made up some of the top campaigns for companies like Adidas, Nike and Louis Vuitton - But deep down Micro-influencing started having the reach that brands needed for organic growth and engagement.

Ad campaigns on billboards, radio and TV don’t drive people into shops like they used to. The rise of ecommerce also fueled brands' need for marketing to users who were spending more time at home, and even more time on their phone, plus this type of marketing was cheaper than paid ads and had better results when done correctly.

Web2 companies were building influencer marketing campaigns, designed solely around more organic reach this way. I don’t need to give you the top down summary of all this, we were there, we all remember. The point I am trying to highlight though, is that we are resurfacing this aspect of branding in NFTs. InfluencooOOOrs on twitter are now the brand ambassadors of Web3 and NFTs.

Let’s hop on over to NFT inspect for a second. Rankings by chain, supply and reach on Profile pictures and NFT project reach.

Every sh%&poster shills themselves and their ranking, which furthers the importance of the comparison, simply because every influencer has chosen an NFT for their profile picture. More social meaning is weighted on who Fxnction, Iced Knife or Shillin_Villain rock in their profile, simply because their followers are impressionable. The more people they reach, the more eyes on that little circle that contains a project's NFT.

Psychologically, all of us NFT degens will recognize most of these projects above and be flooded with some emotion of an experience we’ve shared with the project the same way a sound or a smell brings you back to a memory. This is a subconscious branding element every company on planet earth desires. A thought of any kind, can be improved upon, changed, and acted upon if creating enough FOMO. Lowkey inciting you to BUY. The same happens with influencers. We see them “winning” often, and setting aside the inner workings of being an influencer, on the surface if we emulate them, we will achieve the same success.

Deep down, we’re all brand ambassadors for NFT projects if we’re rocking an NFT as our profile pic. Influencers especially…

From a Web2 perspective, the PFP is ingenious! A non-invasive form of marketing. By simply rocking the PFP, influencers followers see that picture every tweet, reply, or twitter space the influencer takes part in. This applies to each one of us as well, we are all brand ambassadors for the project we decide to rock as our PFP. When a PFP is changed, that gets noted in the subconscious of every follower.

The project an influencer wears is their promotion, or backing of said project. We are seeing subtle forms of marketing and ambassadorship whether knowingly or not. Ask yourself, how many times have you seen an Influencer with an Okay Bear, Degod or Solana Monkey Business and ask yourself if you should get one as well?

With the age of our ecosystem, Web3 is not yet more advanced than Web2, which will cause short term relapses or parallels of what we saw of the brand ambassador meta Web2 experienced. If we look at PFPs with that lense, the FOMO we get can be tampered down, helping us think more clearly and rule out social sentiment that could affect our investment decisions. A key to investing is looking at placing your funds into something with as little emotion attached, so that you don’t bag hold to zero. The same goes for NFT’s.

As much as we love our little monkeys, or the community while talking to other cat pictures, we have to learn to jump ship when it comes to our hard earned cash. The overlap between Brand Ambassadors and influencers these days, even our own PFPs, is one in the same.



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