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Issue 4 - A Deep Dive into Communi3

When Communi3 first hit the NFT scene, it gained a lot of hype for its legitimacy and the interest it raised with venture capitalists (~$9m). Additionally, their beta project, which sells in the form of another NFT collection (Laboratories are the product, and Mad Scientists are the 5k community collection), was sold for strikingly large prices to legitimate entities (i.e. The Sandbox). However, as hype tends to do for projects, many people didn’t and still don’t know the true utility and plans for the project. Communi3 was the first project to be pre-listed by ME, but this did not affect its ability to mint out in the slightest. It minted shortly after Okay Bears, and it was the only project that was able to match that level of hype. However, as utility projects often see, tools and value take time to build, and though the floor price held exceptionally well post-mint compared to many projects, it was not immune to a dip.

Now that the project is progressing and it made its first project acquisition, the project has come back into the spotlight accompanied by a rise in floor price. After not seeing much of the project for a month, some of the community is newly curious, sparked by the pump. The rest of this article attempts to outline the progress of the project thus far.

In general, Communi3 has always marketed themselves as a service that focuses on improving the way organizations manage their communities. They plan to engage the communities of their clients by implementing gamification, tools for project owners and the community to use, social media integration, and compliance reporting. Importantly, Communi3 does not gatekeep or own the data of their clients – instead, they intend to analyze and inform community leaders about their communities to support their growth. Assuming crypto and the NFT space experience mass adoption, projects will transition from glorified passion projects to legitimate companies and entities. This comes along with more stringent regulation rules and expectations, and Communi3 strives to make this change smooth for its clients.

Given that Communi3 aims to help companies organize and leverage their communities, it makes sense that they foster and build their own community as well. This is what they did with the mint of their 5k Mad Scientists. Eventually, post-IDO, Mad Scientists can earn $SCI, which is the main utility token that can be sold to holders of laboratories. This token’s use case for laboratories is for additional services, like animation to support lore and increase the quality of marketing materials, dashboard creation for additional organization and understanding data, and whitelist software. The token will be deflationary in multiple ways, for example with each onboarding, annual burning, and more.

Currently running is the ability for holders and the broader Solana NFT community to earn potions. These potions have use cases related to the Solana Collaboration Network (SCN), where members can come together, connect, collaborate, and grow mutually. Quests, which are related to supporting projects in the SCN, like learning about the projects, following them on Twitter, and verifying certain roles in their discords, allow users to accumulate potions. These potions can then be used to redeem rewards like whitelist spots, NFTs, and others. Again, anyone can participate in earning potions through the Solana collaboration network, not just holders. However, holders have more opportunities to gather potions, and some of the quests are faction-specific.

It is clear that through their technology, Communi3 intends to lift up the entire Solana NFT space and mutually grow. This support permeates throughout all of the actions of the project, even down to the art. The Mad Scientists pay homage to many existing projects in the space; the one pictured below gives a nod to Cubist Collective and Catalina Whales.

Before the IDO, community members also are given value with the pre-IDO tokens. The tokens are earned through staking and the type of token depends on the faction of the NFT. This relates to the gamification implementation in communities that Communi3 fosters in its clients’ communities as well. Factions have specific quests, tokens, and focus groups. The Tinkerer faction relates to the core technology, and Scientist faction is related to innovation, engage-to-earn, and the Solana Collaboration Network (discussed below), and the Wizard faction is about fun, again relating to the gamification that Communi3 believes builds an engaged community. These faction-specific tokens already have use cases, including being able to use them to upgrade the NFT art into a profile picture style (shown below).

Additionally, part of the updated short-term roadmap includes acquisitions, the first one being Sol Decoder, a tool suite to find new mints and judge their hype. The reasoning behind making the acquisition is that Communi3 wants to align themselves with builders, give them more funding, and grant them a larger platform. This aligns very closely with the rest of their roadmap which lifts up and promotes collaboration between projects in the Solana community. There are two more planned acquisitions in the near future, but these are unannounced at this time.

In a recent announcement, a team member stated, “Market conditions make acquiring builders easier! We will build the future of Web3 together!” Important in the phrasing is the phrase “build Web3.” Builders that survive the bear market will continue to push technology forward and have a front-row seat to the next bull run. Additionally, Communi3’s technologies expand outside of just the NFT space; not all their clients are NFT projects, and other businesses than NFTs have communities that can be leveraged. This is a great strength of the project. Even though we all love NFTs, their survival as Web3 improves and progresses is not guaranteed. There is much more to Web3 than NFTs, and Communi3 realizes and capitalizes off of this.

Another value of the Communi3 project is fun. Solana has a reputation for having a light-hearted, supportive, collaborative community, and the games that Communi3 has fostered align with this. Fostering fun is even more important in a bear market, where morale is generally lower, and people are less occupied in the space. Currently, there is a minigame for prizes of whitelist spots, and this is driven by a different token altogether called the Mania token. Each token gives users two lives, and they can be bought on Famous Fox’s Token Market; the current price is 0.04 SOL per token.

Another game Communi3 is championing is the Winter War, a place to have fun in these bearish times. This game is a league competition between 16 selected DAOs with the most engagement with C3 tweets. Every selected DAO will have art included in the game as a character. This is a bracket tournament with a prize pool that each DAO must contribute to.

In summary, Communi3 is helping other projects build and leverage their communities as they simultaneously do the same for their own community. The project is focused on uplifting the builders in the space and growing all of Web3. The project has mastered the ability to uniquely reward its holders while also benefiting other communities and the space in general. The following quote from the CEO of the umbrella company of Communi3 summarizes its outlook on the growth of technology:

“Whenever a new system or technology begins to take root, its success or failure can often be measured by whether the infrastructure created was well thought out, supported and given time to take hold. There is almost no exceptions to this rule. The development of trains requires rail for them to run on. The invention of cars cant take off if there are no roads to drive on or gas stations to refuel.”


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