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Issue 3 - Sleeper Picks for Any Budget

The bear market has caused a lot of retail investors to quit. However, it is true that this bearish time can also be viewed as an opportunity to accumulate SOL, especially if one is bullish on the long-term future of the ecosystem. However, it is also true that many projects will not survive. Therefore, it is smart to gain exposure to bluechips if possible; this is a play that many people in the ecosystem are looking to make. However, many bluechips are still very expensive, and it might not be a possibility. Looking for projects that have the most potential to survive are the only investments that one should reasonably be looking to hold through this bear.

In general, projects that are most likely to survive are ones that have the most potential to provide value to the ecosystem in general—value italicized because there is no single definition. Ideally, this value could reasonably expand outside of NFTs themselves and into Web3. If one is bullish on NFTs long-term as well, investing in projects that add value to other, usually newer or upcoming, projects are a good bet as well. Below, I summarize some potential sleeper long-term holds for a low-medium budget and describe what value they provide. Many investors are running out of liquidity and are also more risk-averse, so these cheaper plays are a good option.



2.5 SOL

The Bridged is the second faction created under The Fracture, the first faction being SolGods. SolGods proved themselves as an OG trusted SOL NFT project, and they built for a long time before finding their success. Factions, engaging gamification, immersive lore, dual tokenomics, future metaverse integration, give this project a wide range of investors that are attracted. Depending on their next moves, this project could attract new users into the SOL ecosystem.



2.9 SOL

Particles is a project focused on curating 1/1 art and providing holders with tools to spot up-and-coming artists. Art is something that will never not be important in NFTs, and long-term, as Web3 usability increases and our world becomes increasingly digital, art collectors will open their eyes to 1/1s. Even if you are not a 1/1 art collector yourself, this project is an interesting investment that has potential to again onboard people into NFTs, both artists and art collectors.



3.6 SOL

Though this project is new and had a slow mint, the potential is massive and could be a good investment through this bear market given its premise. Droid Capital is an investment fund, where members of the DAO vote and decide on investments. It provides value in such a way that it helps holders diversify their portfolios and crowdsource information about what the best investments are. This is especially good for people who are newer to the NFT market, and it can help lead them towards good projects and inform their own personal decisions.



5.4 SOL

Holding a Fatcat allows one to apply for the Accelerator, where a council of ten prominent members of the NFT space—including sp00nicus, General SOL, Prez from Hydra, and more— and utilize their knowledge and connections to aid owners of upcoming projects to build their vision for their project. Holders who are not interested in using the Accelerator are still members of the DAO, which will grant whitelist allocations of accelerator projects and provide alpha. Having connections in the space is invaluable, and being in a project with such close access to these prominent members is valuable in and of itself.



10.5 SOL

Though this project offers less utility than other projects mentioned, it has proven itself to be an extremely resilient project with a dedicated community, along with some of the most unique and impressive art seen on SOL. As an OG SOL project, it has seen many ups and downs. Infamously, the project was rugged after gaining a lot of success, but a team of dedicated volunteer community members stepped up to save the project. It has been hovering comfortably around its current floor for months, and it seems more immune to volatility than most projects. This is a community-driven branding projects, and its success will be determined by partnerships and the strength of the community (which has proven strong). This discord is also filled with experienced investors with a long-term visions, which can be a helpful voice to hear in bear markets.



2.79 SOL

Solport Tom is an undisputed leader in the SOL space, and after Solport’s acquisition of Solsteads and Citizens, the project was brought back to life. The end goal for the project is a gamified 2D metaverse location that plans to house stores of partnership communities and Solstead estates. Citizens (NFTs) can explore the metaverse and be sent on gathering tasks to find resources to build estates on plots of metaverse land. The value this provides is metaverse exposure underneath a reliable leader.




Metahelix provides tools to projects to seamlessly transition from pre-mint to post-mint. Role verification, sales and listing bots, in-discord rarity checking, twitter integration, and marketplace data trackers are essential for projects to maintain an organized and informative discord. Projects need these tools, and many of them don’t have the time or skills to build them internally, so they look to projects like Metahelix to provide them. This is a project that adds value to the NFT ecosystem, not necessarily the broader Web3 community, so it is a good investment for someone who is excited and confident about the future of NFTs.


None of these are expected quick flips. In this market, it is harder to find profitable quick flips, and there is less liquidity in the market to react to news. This bear market will prune the ecosystem of projects that just take up space, and the ones that offer value are the ones that will remain. Understanding value and putting liquid SOL into projects that match your personal definition of value is a great way to not only survive the bear market, but thrive after the dust clears and the market recovers.

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