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Issue 2: Why Broccoli Dao?

You may be reading this thinking why is Broccoli Dao Newsletter shilling its own bags. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologise to…. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY! THE BEST UPCOMING PROJECT DOES WHAT THEY FUCK THEY WANT.

To understand our origins we must travel back in time to March, where the original CyberVillainz project owner rugged, paying himself 800+ SOL of the 990 SOL mint revenue. The project owner left only 9 SOL in the community wallet at the time. sp00n1cus, who was advising as a marketing lead prior to the rug found a way to convince the owner to hand over the project and all its intellectual property over to him for free. sp00n1cus then assembles a team consisting of de-rugging advisor, community manager, project lead and active community members to de-rug this project.

This event led to the ultimate birth of Broccoli Dao. We come from humble beginnings. sp00n1cus has transformed the identity and value proposition of this project. He also injected 300 SOL into the community wallet to pay salaries for 3 months and hired a new artist for the upcoming CyberHeroez gen2 collection. At the time of the rug, the project floor was deflating under 1 SOL and you can see the true value add so far in the charts since then.

What has caused the pump you ask?

In the first month of de-rugging and re-establishing a new identity, Broccoli Dao had 350 SOL in the community wallet, gaveaway NFTs, hired over 11 Alpha Callers, created daily mint and floor price channels as well as whale/influencer wallet trackers.

Broccoli Dao started to re-invigorate itself as a must-access discord with an array of different alpha callers. Some callers were focussed around mints and quick flips whilst others solely made secondary alpha calls. Having so many unique callers sharpened the reads of each other, pushing forward the quality of the calls being made. On top of this value add, Broccoli Dao also secured a partnership with Project Dolphin team to use their portal and understand the data behind Solana nfts.

At every turn, there was another update. All the sudden, non-custodial staking was launched through the help of Xin Dragons. There was finally no need to lock NFTs outside of individual wallets to earn $broccoli.

The team have added to the utility of $broccoli by partnering with celestial labs for their raffling system. For the upcoming CyberHeroez mint, 2+ CV holders will be able to mint with 500 $broccoli as well.

You might have been thinking damn, it’s only been a little over a month since derugging. How can the project keep building?

Well, there’s a comic dropping later this week that’s been written up by a well known lore master. The team has just launched the Alpha Bot with over 10 pre-ordered across other discord servers which will be able to access anywhere between 4-12 alpha calls from 4 different callers per week. A different selection of alpha callers will rotate onto the bot every week allowing a unique variety of calls to be heard across all servers.

As someone who has worked with sp00n1cus during this rebuild, personally I’ve found the transparency in the discord the most rewarding part of the build. For the entire first month of the rebuild, sp00n1cus wasn’t even taking a cut of any royalties. The majority of decisions, if not all decisions have been guided by asking the community, the holders to vote. That includes, gen2 artwork, roadmap development, even the % of cut he was to take from the gen2 collection was all decided by community vote.

There’s still so much yet to come on the horizon, with certain NFT trading tools at your disposal for being a part of the community. The question is: have you eaten your $broccoli today?


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