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Issue 1 - 5 to 20 SOL Projects

For more information on the Tier breakdown of projects, check out:

This region of price tier is arguably the most profitable region. The swings are great and the rise usually from 10 to 20 can be relatively guaranteed if you choose well. At the same time, if you baghold too much in this region then you’re likely not taking the profits that can be made. A perfect example would be holding grim syndicate the last month and now swing trading it from 10 to 20 and then re-riding it from 10 again to 17.50. The same can be said for tombstoned high society for the same reasons.

Cyber Samurai

Shake and his team have been in the space for a long time. The project could be considered as an OG project at this point. The artwork for gen2 is the major reason why I am bullish at current prices. That’s not the only reason as well, we’ve seen a rise up to as high as 14 already in the last 6 weeks. That tells me we are currently buying at almost a 75% discount. If you were to check out the gen2 sneak peaks in the discord you would be bullish too. Eth players have also set their bags accordingly and I’m bullish for the next run up.


Now this is a project I post with caution. My understanding is that a huge part of this projects demand has come from leftover cets on creck demand, hence why it pushed up as high as 18 at one point and is now sitting at just over 5. Volume has been on a significant downtrend since the first week and I’m not sure it stops just here. Barring some significant update from the team, these will likely hover around existing levels, if not continue to pullback. The downtrend on volume would be my biggest proponent against a buy right now.

Grim Syndicate

10k supply project that has significant attention from both solana and eth players in the space. As I mentioned above, one of the best swing tradeable projects the last month. Easy 8-10 SOL profit if you were sensible with your trading. 10K supply projects tend to get hit the most during a downturn in sol price, but they also do bounce back strongly post a dip and if you look closely at the movement the last 4 weeks you’d see the same picture. History tends to repeat itself and I’d say we would be looking at the buy range very shortly. The other thing with price action when it’s already ran up twice is that the floor is spread relatively thin, so less volume is required usually to reach previous levels.

Taiyo Oil/Cets Melk Bottle

Despite these two projects being completely different, they are similar in that they were both airdrops from notable projects. The reason why I’ve lumped them together at this point, despite the overall utility very likely to be different, is that these airdrops have proven to be at their highest price point at first light. The lesson to be learnt here for those who have been airdropped is to sell early and buy back later before utility is announced. For those on the outside looking in, it’s wise to be patient and position for exposure when prices start to bottom out.


Degen Dojo

This project has caught my attention since launch. The volume has been downtrending of late after a really hot start, moving up from under 10 and up to 18 at one point, however they also seem to find support in the 10 range as the chart suggests. There is something about this team that has a significant ability to troll it’s community but also get buy in from holders. I like their style, they have a solid team and I think at around 10sol this is worth a look at the least. Total listed % is at 7.87% which is pretty healthy.

Bohemia Art Fair

This team is completely doxed. The art was hand drawn with over 170 traits. The project hosts 3D art galleries developed through Unreal Engine 5. The project started on a hell of a run moving from mint price all the way up to over 30 at one point. In recent times, it’s dropped almost 50% from the top and found support at levels around 12 and 14 the last 2 weeks. Seems like a decent buy in the low 10s based off the chart action. Definitely a project in the current price range you want to keep tabs on.

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