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Issue 1 - 20 to 50 SOL Projects

or more information on the Tier breakdown of projects, check out:

This price region is where bags are made and lost. A project can push past 20 and hit 30 but also struggle to move towards 50 and ultimately dip back down to under 20. On the flip side, a strong community packed with unique utility can pump towards 50. Case and point is FFF. Another example of the aforementioned case would be Bohemian Art Fair – steady rise to 30+, but has since drawn all the way back down to 12 at low points. Solgods were another project that pumped all the way to 60 and were holding pretty steady, but in the last 4-6 weeks has taken a considerable hit and retraced back to lows of 30. Probably one of the riskier buy zones, so please do keep that in mind.

OG Atadians

OG Atadians was one of the movers of the week after spending almost all of its eternity in the 10-20 range. However, after a big couple of volume days (7.7k and 8.4k), OG atadians finally broke through 20 and pushed all the way as high as 40 at one point. The resulting swing moved the project from as low as 13.9 to its local top in the last week. In terms of utility, the project is seeking to build an analytics platform and ultimately create a trust and credit scoring engine through blockchain data. We are likely to see some bouncing around before the next push up but these are in consideration to make a push towards 50. The price action over time is decently bullish and with builders being rewarded in this market, OG atadians seems like a relatively safe bet should they execute on their vision. Their community seems to believe in the team.

Famous Fox Federation

Arguably one of my favourite teams to back. The project was at a mouthwatering 10 SOL earlier in the year and despite being one of the higher supply projects and having countless bagholders since inception, believers have been rewarded all the way and not just in floor price ascension, but notably the utility they are providing to the solana nft ecosystem as a whole. From WL token marketplace to foxy trades to raffling, you name it they build it. At the time of posting, this project just slots into this price range, but I’d be very comfortable in saying it won’t be in this region for long as 100 SOL is quite simply programmed. It really does feel just a matter of time. BTW, devs are cracked, solsniper graph is one of the sexiest you’ll see across any project.


One of the most hyped mints post-Okay Bears era, and the price action early reflected that. After starting strong at 50, the project pulled back sharply to lows of even 20 SOL. However, true to what they are building and the team behind them, they have slowly crept up in the last week, moving up from 20 all the way now to just under 40. The team completely doxxed on linkedin which builds credibility. Community seems to back the team and their vision, price action this week reflects that as most in the space looking to buy have been eyeing a nice entry point. Project has crossed 140K volume since inception, partnered with opensea and revenue from their software service has tripled. All pretty bullish news since launch.


The first ever game built on Solana ever which cements its OG status. At the time of their token IDO launch, they were the biggest to ever do it at that point in time. They’ve been building out this project for almost a year now and the closed alpha PvP version has just been released. Price action has relatively held strong considering all other ‘games’ being developed have faced immense sell off pressure beyond the first week of secondary sales. If you want to bet on any game in this solana nft ecosystem then aurory is it. Ideal entry would be 30 SOL, though with the current price of sol, I’d even argue right now is a great entry given the run up to a high of 60 only 6 weeks ago.

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